Legal Statement

Legal Statement

Rights ownership

Unless otherwise stated by the Catkissfish Platform, the ownership of all self-developed technology, software, and programs (including copyright, trademark rights, software copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and other related rights) is involved in the Catkissfish Platform belongs to the Catkissfish Platform. Without the written permission of the Catkissfish Platform, no one shall monitor, copy, transmit, display, mirror, upload, download, etc., the above-mentioned right contents of the Catkissfish Platform through robots, spiders, and other programs or devices without permission. Suppose you use the above information without permission. In that case, it may infringe the relevant rights of Catkissfish Platform or affiliated companies, and Catkissfish Platform has the right to pursue the relevant infringers for illegal infringement and reserves the right to litigate against them.

Products, data, and other information (including but not limited to: text, icons, pictures, photos, diagrams, color combinations, layout designs, etc.) generated by manufacturers, merchants, and other users of the Catkissfish Platform by relying on the relevant software technology of the Catkissfish Platform shall only be used on the Catkissfish Platform. If it is necessary to use the products, data, or other information generated by using the software technology of the Catkissfish Platform for production or use on other Platforms or in other ways, it must be agreed by the Catkissfish Platform.

You shall ensure that the relevant products, orders, pictures, or other information such as text uploaded by you on the Catkissfish Platform do not involve the possibility of endangering state power, damaging national honor and interests, undermining national unity (see Article 13 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China), pornography, gambling, and drugs, infringing on the civil rights and interests of others (see Article 2 of the Tort Liability Law of the People’s Republic of China), etc. You shall bear the corresponding responsibility for the behavior you upload on your own. Suppose your behavior involves the above-mentioned situations or violates the mandatory provisions of the relevant laws, regulations and judicial interpretations of the People’s Republic of China. In that case, the Catkissfish Platform has the right to take a warning, clear the picture, cancel the order, close the account, etc., depending on the severity of the situation. If you cause damage to the manufacturer, merchant, or other Platform users and related rights holders due to your own actions, you shall bear the relevant responsibility, and the Catkissfish Platform reserves the right to trace the relevant legal responsibility to you.

Liability limitation

The product information (including but not limited to: company name, contact person and contact information, product descriptions and instructions, relevant pictures, etc.) on the Catkissfish Platform is provided and uploaded by the user, and the user assumes the corresponding legal responsibility for the information provided and uploaded by the user. If the Catkissfish Platform has agreed otherwise, it will be clarified with you in the relevant agreement or other legal text.

The information (including news, announcements, forum content, etc.) reproduced on the Catkissfish Platform is to pass on more information, which does not imply that we agree with its views or have confirmed the authenticity of its content.

Intellectual property protection

We respect intellectual property rights and oppose and fight against infringement of intellectual property rights. Suppose an intellectual property right holder believes that the content of the Catkissfish Platform (including but not limited to pictures and product information posted by users of the Catkissfish Platform) infringes its legitimate rights and interests. In that case, it may contact us in the first instance and provide us with preliminary evidence that constitutes infringement. Upon receiving qualified notice from the intellectual property right holder, we will promptly handle the case according to the corresponding laws and regulations and the rules of the Catkissfish Platform.

The final interpretation of this legal statement belongs to the Catkissfish Platform.

The contents of this “Legal Statement” will become effective on October 19, 2021, and the effective terms will replace the original terms. If you do not agree with the contents of this update, please notify us immediately in writing and stop accessing or using the Catkissfish Platform services, and cancel your Catkissfish Platform account if you think it is necessary. If you continue to use the services and products provided by the Catkissfish Platform, you are deemed to have read and accepted the updated “Legal Statement.”

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