print on demand
1.Register your CatKissFish account and associate it with your store.
Register the account of CatKissFish immediately. We now have Shopify interface, and others such as Amazon and shoplzaaz are connected one after another;
2.Select the products to be sold and complete the design through the designer.
We have hundreds of products for you to choose from. You can choose any one to start with. You can refer to our design template, or you can give full play to your design creativity and complete customization;
print on demand
print on demand
3.Check product information and complete product synchronization.
Review your finished design and check whether it meets your expectations. After confirmation, you can easily publish the product in your Shopify store;
4.Advertise your product and orders can be directed directly to CatKissFish.
You only need to promote the product. When a customer places an order, once the payment is completed, it will be directly synchronized to the merchant side of CatKissFish;
print on demand
print on demand
5.Receiving the order information,and the cooperative factory will carry out production according to the order demand.
After receiving the order information, CatKissFish will distribute the order to a suitable factory for production and packaging;
6.Submit logistics and complete orders.
After the factory production is completed, your order is delivered to the logistics company for transportation and delivery. And after the customer receives it and confirms it, the order is completed;
print on demand

Print-on-Demand Service Process

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