Who are the right people to start a print-on-demand business and make a profit?

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To this day, a large number of people have been making good money through the print-on-demand business.

Anyone with an idea can turn their creative inspirations into amazing products through this business.

However, there are still some people who are more equipped with some quality qualities.

1. artists and creators

For artists and creators, print-on-demand can help them expand their brand and build stronger relationships with their fans through customized products. From a logistical standpoint, POD takes all the burden off and artists and creators can focus on creating their art. This way, they don't have to lose themselves in time-consuming processes like shipping and packaging their products.

For musicians, creating customized products for their audience is a breeze, as print-on-demand opens up another source of income besides touring and royalty income. Plus, imagine your fans wearing your merchandise on the street and posting it on social media channels - it's a win-win situation.

Singer-songwriter Rachel is a great example of this. Her path to creating the ZOOBEAR brand began with wanting to provide her fans with pieces that visually represented her music but didn't know how to go about it. reign quickly learned that traditional fulfillment services were not the best solution due to design constraints and having inventory on hand.

Artists can also benefit from a print-on-demand business. British illustrator Alice Porter can attest to this. While creating art isn't a problem for her creative mind - printing, preparing, and sending products is another matter, and in fact, it's a great story.

Before she was introduced to print-on-demand services, Alice even stopped selling online for a time. She was pregnant and the constant trips to the post office were too painful. It wasn't until she discovered the CatKissFish personalized custom design and printing platform for print-on-demand that she got her hands free.

The "secret," as Alice puts it, is to automate the entire process; CatKissFish takes care of everything from receiving the order to shipping it to the illustrator's customer.

2. Global Brands and Businesses

Have an established brand, but don't want to waste resources on old-fashioned fulfillment methods, is it possible to do print-on-demand as well?

There's no mistaking it, print-on-demand is the fastest way to create merchandise without losing valuable money and time.

Ferdinand Beck is a photographer with over 294,000 followers on Instagram and 33,600 subscribers on YouTube. His main focus is on natural living and discovering the beauty in life.

To expand his brand, he decided that it was important to get help from POD to find a production method in line with the same values. He chose print-on-demand over other methods that waste natural resources and significantly contribute to climate change.

3. E-commerce sellers

Print-on-demand and e-commerce sellers are a perfect match. Selling customized products online is useful for both beginners in e-commerce and those looking to expand their existing business.

The power of fans is also the reason why Jim Green of Badass x Bonita started his store and brand.

It all started with a change in Jim's personal life when he moved to New York after growing up in Mexico. In her new city, Jim felt out of her element, missing her Latino community of color or even just having someone she could speak Spanish with. She was isolated and lacked a connection to her environment.

Then she started thinking of words to celebrate and uplift her. Thinking of the words brown, badass, and Bonita, Jim immediately knew she had to put it on a t-shirt.

She posted the shirt on her FaceBook and the design caused a stir - women from all over the world were asking where they could buy one. So Jim ordered over 200 t-shirts in bulk and spent an entire weekend preparing, packing, and shipping all the orders with the help of her friends.

After years of working alone, Jim realized she wasn't happy with the inconsistent quality of her suppliers' products and handling so much inventory herself. So in 2021, she and her team switched to a print-on-demand service, and it's going from strength to strength.

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