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Nowadays, many people make money through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Shopify.

If you are just starting out and your funds are not very sufficient, or you don't want to bear the pressure of hoarding, but want to start selling goods at a low cost to make money, then you must understand the POD model.

1、 What is POD?

POD, also known as Print On Demand, is a customized service.

You can design your own patterns or find a designer to print them on products such as clothes, pillowcases, necklaces, etc.

This way, you can design products targeting a certain audience, without having to search for an audience for a particular product.

The traditional e-commerce model is to find a good product and then find the audience, which is beneficial for

Not right. But POD is an on-demand printing mode, which means you can first find the positioning and then design the product based on the positioning.

Understanding the above sentence is crucial for us to find the right way to make money.

For example, with customization as the selling point, users can print their favorite words on their clothes. You can use a classic movie line, a quote from your favorite celebrity, or a photo of your favorite pet

Open Instagram and see how many people like pets, cats, dogs, and many bloggers on it. Your audience can be so diverse, and then position them accordingly, which is very targeted.

POD mode, you don't need to have inventory, you don't need to overstock, and you don't need to invest a lot of money in entrepreneurship.

Its process is:

1. Customers place orders on your website

2 orders are sent directly to the backend factory through tools such as CatKissFish

3 Factory Production Orders

4. You pay the factory fees

5. You can obtain the price difference from it

So when the user places an order, you also place an order with the POD service provider and ask them to help you ship it.

During this process, POD service providers can help you print and transport products.

And what did you give?

Your greatest effort is twofold:

Creativity is to explore creative design patterns and turn them into products

The majority of traffic is achieved through blog advertisements posted on social media platforms such as Facebook and INS.

2、 How to do POD?

Generally speaking, when we talk about the POD model, it is actually done in conjunction with the Shopify website

When building a Shopify website, if you want to make money through POD, you can do so by installing plugins. There are many types of plugins, but they must meet the following requirements:

1. Ensure integration with Shopify

2. Ensure that a large number of orders can be processed, and check if the service provider has a record of processing a large number of orders. Of course, if it has been doing this business for a long time, it also indicates that it should have the ability to handle a large number of orders.

3. The price is reasonable. If the price is too high, your own profit margin will be compressed, so we need to ensure our own profit.

4. Reasonable delivery time. Generally speaking, the service provider will start production within 24-48 hours after receiving the order, and can send the product to the buyer 3-4 days later.

POD operation process:

Step 1: You need to have a design diagram, of course, CatKissFish website has a designer that supports online design.

Step 2: Integrate your design with the product and upload the product to the store.

Step 3: Your store will send order information to the service provider through the app.

Step 4: The service provider starts producing your product, packages it, and then sends an email to inform the customer that it has been shipped, along with logistics information.

3、 How to find the source of design

The core of POD lies in design, and good ideas are not easily obtainable. So how do we find design inspiration? What is the source of good design?

For designers, first of all, we need to clearly explain the requirements to the designer. The clearer the better, so that the designer knows what we really want and can avoid continuous rework in the future.

Of course, you must tell them not to plagiarize, clarify your ideas and requirements, and let the designer freely express themselves.

Generally, we can search for design inspiration in the following places:

1. Google Images

2. Review the repos and likes of the post on Pinterest

3. Reddit, take a look at what others often discuss, and you can print these contents on your product

In summary, we need to find designs that have been proven to have sales, and then share these designs with designers to see if they can draw inspiration from them.

4、Collaborate with designers

In fact, in POD, you can also choose to collaborate with designers to find the perfect creative idea.

There are many professional designers on the CatKissFish website who can help you realize your inspiration. Even if you don't know how to design tools and have no knowledge of clothing design, it can make it easy for you to customize your products..

Of course, no matter what e-commerce model, if analyzed carefully, the model is actually just a means to achieve sales.

We should carefully consider how to choose a product, whether it meets market demand, which channel to choose after a product is released, how to use cooperative traffic to expose the product, and the subsequent strong supply chain. Mastering these methods is applicable to any e-commerce platform.


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