Be careful when doing Print on Demand, scarcity may be your best-selling secret

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People often say: that rare things are precious. Scarcity may be one of the most powerful weapons stimulating people's desire to shop. Sellers who do Print on Demand can use this mentality to create a sense of urgency for buyers and encourage them to purchase products from their store as soon as possible.

However, if this sense of scarcity is overdone, buyers will feel that all products are out of stock, they will feel that the seller's inventory is limited, and they will feel somewhat suspicious.

Creating a sense of scarcity in products is already a very powerful sales technique, so we don't need to use this method widely in our stores.

On the contrary, we need to find a balance point to make this sense of shortage real.

We can use the sales countdown method to limit the number of products, create a sense of urgency for buyers, or set the inventory quantity of a certain product to less than 10. For example, if there are a total of 20 products available for sale in our store, we can set 3 of them as discounted countdown products.

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