Online Customization of a Favorite T-shirt

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Do you want to customize a good T-shirt for yourself or your family online? You can start from the following aspects. They are communication, logistics, size, fabric and printing quality.

u Before you decide to customize a T-shirt, it is very important to communicate with the online customization service provider. It determines what kind of shopping experience you will have. Be sure to ask the service provider all the information you want to know about the order, especially the price and freight. Make sure there are no problems before you start your online customization.

u Logistics is also a problem worthy of attention. Sometimes the poor experience of customers is often due to logistics. For example, products were not delivered to customers in time, even after customers added high freight. Therefore, you need to pay attention to whether the logistics of this website you choose is timely and whether the package will be lost. It's better to choose the logistics company that you usually use, so that you can rest assured.

u If you want to get a T-shirt that fits well, you have to think about size. You should choose your own size according to your height and weight. The height and weight corresponding to the size of each website may be different, so you should ask about the specific size before ordering.

u The selection of fabric must be suitable for the skin, and do not choose fabrics that are allergic to your own skin. Many people overlook the issue of fabric when customizing T-shirts, which makes the T-shirts uncomfortable to wear. Ask the service provider about the composition of the fabric before making a choice.

u There are several aspects to the quality of printing. Appearance is the most important, and the layout must be clean, without wrinkles, greasiness, ink stains and obvious dirty marks. Then the color tone should be basically the same. And finally, the pattern is complete, clear and accurate. Only when these three points are achieved can the quality of printing be regarded as the standard.Yet, the quality of printing can't be guaranteed by the verbal guarantee of the service provider. Only when the products arrive can we know whether the quality is good or not. Hence, this aspect should be solved after sale. After receiving the unqualified products, the service provider should be asked to return or exchange goods in time.

   As long as these aspects are clarified, you can customize your T-shirt with peace of mind.

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