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 In the trend of contemporary fashion, choosing personalized custom clothing is not only about pursuing beauty, but also about pursuing comfort and quality. As a brand that pays great attention to quality and service, Cat kiss fish  is committed to becoming the world's most trusted supply chain platform, providing customers with the highest quality personalized products. One of the key links is the choice of fabrics. In this article, we will introduce the various fabrics that have been put on the shelves and can be provided on the Cat kiss fish platform, as well as their characteristics and applicable scenarios.

1. Imitation cotton fabric (170 GSM):

 This fabric has a soft feel, good fluffiness, strong resilience. It is very moisture-wicking and is especially suitable for wearing in spring and summer, such as T-shirts, casual clothes, etc. It not only makes you feel skin-friendly, but also makes you feel refreshed and comfortable in hot weather.

2. Milk silk fabric (250 GSM / 200 GSM / 180 GSM / 120 GSM):

 The main milk silk fabric has a silky touch, good moisture absorption and breathability, and is often used to make skirts, underwear, pajamas, sportswear, etc. Whether it is daily wear or sports and leisure, you can feel the perfect combination of comfort and fashion.

3. Air layer fabric (200 GSM / 230 GSM):

The design with an air layer inside has good ductility, fluffy touch, strong moisture absorption/(water) sweat, and good cold and warmth preservation. It is suitable for making dresses, jackets, sweatshirts, school uniforms, etc. Whether it is outdoor activities or indoor leisure, you can feel comfortable.

4. Mitong mesh  (140 GSM / 190 GSM):

 Good breathability, soft and comfortable, quick-drying and good wear resistance. Commonly used in sports and leisure clothing, keeping you dry and comfortable during exercise.

5. 26-count cotton plain weave (160 GSM):

 Made of pure cotton, it has strong moisture absorption, good breathability, and is skin-friendly and comfortable. It is an ideal choice for your daily wear.

6. Crystal super soft fabric (330 GSM):

 It is soft and comfortable, with a delicate touch. It is often used in warm clothing, bringing you a warm and comfortable wearing experience.

7. Bird's eye fabric(160 GSM):

The unique texture and pattern are both breathable and comfortable. It is suitable for making T-shirts, sportswear, casual clothing, sweaters, quick-drying clothes, etc. It adds a sense of fashion to clothing and makes you the focus on the street.

8. Cotton Sweatshirt 32 count (250 GSM):

 Cotton hoodies is one of the most common fabrics. It has good warmth retention and elasticity. It is the most suitable sweatshirt for winter. It is warm and comfortable, allowing you to stay fashionable and warm in winter.

9. Elastic Cloth fabric(120 GSM):

 Comfortable and soft, good fit, easy to care for, can be used to make shirts, T-shirts, dresses and other clothing, allowing you to enjoy free activities.

10. David Coat fabric (220 GSM): It has relatively large stretch, good shape retention, wear resistance, and soft feel. It is suitable for making loose and comfortable sweater styles, allowing you to relax at home or outdoors.

11. Thick needle strip fabric (270 GSM):

 It has a rough texture and feel, good breathability and strong wear resistance. It is often used for casual style clothing such as sweatshirts and sweatpants, etc., showing your personality and taste.

12. Faille fabric (120 GSM):

 It has good wrinkle resistance, comfortable and soft, light and shiny, and is often used to make beach pants, shirts, etc. Make you a fashion icon in summer.

13.Corn kernels fabric(300 GSM):

   lightweight and soft, with good moisture wicking performance, comfortable to wear, suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

14.Pearl Mesh Fabric(190 GSM):

     beautiful and unique, breathable, lightweight and soft. Suitable for a variety of purposes.

  In addition,Cat kiss fish  also has a variety of other fabrics, such as butterfly mesh cloth 170g, velvet Faille, double-sided flannel, needle-punched non-woven fabrics, baby velvet, cotton velvet, French velvet, canvas, woven elastic full-gloss cloth, Oxford cloth 178g, bamboo imitation linen 110g, 200g twill Oxford cloth, etc.  

  We always pay attention to the latest trends in the fabric market and strive to introduce more high-quality and diverse fabric options. If you have specific fabric needs or preferences, you can contact us at any time. Whether you are pursuing comfort, fashion or personality, you can find the most suitable fabrics and styles in our products. We will wholeheartedly provide customized services for you!

 Customization, your freedom!Cat kiss fish welcomes you !

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