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Sportswear has gradually become an important silhouette in fashion and sport. With the rise of fashion sports brands and the promotion of celebrities and social media, the market demand for sports suits is not only functional, but also stylish appearance. This integration of fashion and trend elements has further promoted the development of the sportswear market. Multifunctional design, the integration of fashion and fashion elements are important trends in the current market. As consumers' demands for functionality, comfort and fashion continue to rise, the sportswear market is expected to continue to grow and introduce more innovative and diverse products.

It's the height of summer, and are there some essential items missing from your shelves? Yes, now is the perfect time to customize a sports jersey. Whether it's light or breathable fabric, you can find the best choice here.

In order to help increase the sales of sweaters, you can first understand the advantages of choosing a good sports jersey. First of all, the sports jersey has strong sweat absorption ability and breathability. During exercise, if the clothing is not breathable, it will make people feel stuffy and uncomfortable. And a good sports jersey fabric has better breathability, which can speed up air circulation and make people feel fresh and comfortable. Second, sports jerseys can also increase comfort and range of motion. The stretchability of a good fabric allows for more freedom of wear and prevents skin irritation or irritation. In addition, wearing the right size sports jersey can also improve blood circulation and promote recovery. When you do high-intensity exercise, lactic acid will accumulate, causing pain, cramps and other problems. But as long as the sportswear made of good materials is selected, it can promote blood flow and reduce lactic acid accumulation.

Sports jerseys may be very popular, but customized sports jerseys are much more glamorous. Do you know the charm of custom-made sports jerseys?

  • Exclusive design: The customized sports jerseys can be uniquely designed according to the preferences and needs of individuals or teams, so that it fully meets the requirements in terms of appearance and function.

  • One-in-a-million fabric: The customized sports jerseys are usually made with the best fabric for the customer, especially the fabric that is different from ordinary jerseys and is more breathable, sweat-absorbent and sun-proof.

  • Advanced technology: The customization of sports jerseys is not limited to the appearance design, and the integration of modern technology makes the customized sports jerseys have more functions. For example, sports jerseys can be designed based on ergonomic principles to improve athletic performance. Or it can use smart fabrics to regulate body temperature and maintain comfort.

  • Interesting interaction: In order to make consumers more involved in the customization process, many manufacturers of customized jerseys began to provide online design tools and experiences. Consumers can design online and feel the charm of customized sports jerseys.

So what kind of process should be used to customize sports jerseys?

The choice of undershirt

The first step is to choose the undershirt. The choice of undershirt should be based on the scene and fabric that customers want to use and the price that the public can accept. For use in sports fields, it is recommended to choose a material with strong air permeability and more sweat absorption, and a quick-drying undershirt will be a good choice.

Valuation of price

After choosing the undershirt, you can ask the service provider about the price. If the price is affordable, you can proceed to the next step; If the price is beyond your own affordable range, it can be re-selected after communicating with the service provider.


Now that you have no objections to the previous steps, you can start designing your custom sports jersey. After the design of the pattern to confirm the production of drawings, you can also let the merchant proofing if you are not assured.

Order confirmation

The last and most important step is to confirm the order. After determining the clothing color, size, logo location and other related issues, you can place an order and let the merchant start production. Then just wait patiently for the clothes to arrive. If you are worried about the quality of our clothes, you can order a piece first to see if the finished product meets your mind in all aspects, and then order in bulk if you are satisfied.

The above information is intended to help you get a preliminary understanding of the process of customizing sports jerseys. Next, we can learn more about the characteristics of the fabric of the customized sports jersey.


The pure cotton sports jerseys have the advantages of sweat absorption, breathability and quick drying, which can achieve a good perspiration effect. Nevertheless, some pure cotton fabrics are prone to wrinkling, and the drape is not good.

Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric has excellent drape and elegant luster, which is a fabric with high value and is deeply loved by fashionistas. In addition, it also has good elasticity and warmth retention, and the texture is delicate. However, in the fall and winter, most velvet fabrics tend to generate static electricity and stick to other fabrics, which is troubling. Besides, velvet fabric has poor air permeability.

Knitted fabric

The most commonly used fabric in life is knitted fabric. Knitted fabric is very light, breathable and elastic, and it is a good partner in sports. However, the knitted cotton fabric is woven by loops, and there are a lot of gaps inside and between loops, so it may shrink.

Mechanical mesh fabric

This kind of fabric helps our body recover from stress to a great extent. Its mesh structure can give people a stronger support effect on a specific area, while reducing the fatigue and swelling of human muscles, which is suitable for use as a sports jersey fabric. On the contrary, its disadvantage is that it is not very warm and easy to transmit light.


This fabric is mainly used to make the outer layer of sports jerseys, and its surface will give the fabric a more three-dimensional effect. Its light and soft characteristics will make people wear it more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, its unique air bag structure also has good thermal insulation performance. However, the disadvantage of seersucker fabric is that it can not be rubbed hard, otherwise the bubbles are easy to be worn flat, and the elasticity will be weakened.


The density of the Scuba fabric is very high, and it has good wear resistance. Meanwhile, it is waterproof and airtight, and the material is light, comfortable and easy to clean.

Nowadays, the personalized needs of consumers need to be met one by one. The sports items of Cat Kiss Fish platform all support one generation, which can meet the personalized needs of every target consumer. So don't worry, as a professional service provider, we can provide you with all kinds of security. What's more, we will provide you with the best service, the most comfortable fabrics and the most intimate price. Have you figured it out? Cooperate with us! What are you hesitating about? Come and make your shop glow with new colors!  

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