How should print on demand select target customers? The catkissfish tell you!

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Print-on-demand is a business model born to meet the personalized needs of customers. Merchants generally produce and sell products based on customer needs. Sellers only need to select and list the customized products they support, determine suppliers, and promote their stores.

The POD and Dropshipping modes are roughly the same. The Dropshipping model is a method in supply chain management. Retailers do not need inventory of goods, but instead provide customer orders and shipping details to suppliers, who directly send the goods to the end customers. Retailers earn the price difference between wholesale and retail prices. Therefore, the POD model does not require sellers to address issues such as product inventory.

Under the premise of having less marketing and traffic experience than experienced sellers, product selection naturally becomes the main direction for novice sellers to break through.

Unlike traditional product selection strategies that can simultaneously target both the target audience and category, the POD model often requires prioritizing the target audience to select products based on their preferences or concerns. Because most POD products are not functional products but belong to impulsive consumer products, the impulsive consumer group is the main audience for this type of product.

Considering the characteristics of the target audience, it is recommended that sellers choose products with fanatical fans, such as those commonly found in pets, anime, current affairs, special groups (LGBT, egalitarian, veterans, etc.), or those with related interests and hobbies (outdoor, diving, comprehensive combat, etc.).

However, the products that everyone will impulsively consume are different. To maximize the value of such products, it is necessary to dig deep into the user's focus. Therefore, personal experience and interests are the two preferred directions for crowd positioning.

For example, those who own pets are often familiar with the pet enthusiast community, making it relatively easy to do so. They can gain a deeper understanding of the pain points of pet owners and thus develop more targeted products.

To find a market that suits you more accurately, you can consider the following questions:

1. What country is your target market? What language is used?

What topics or keywords do people in this region like to read?

3. What topics or groups have they followed or joined?

What kind of content do they like to share?

What are the commonalities in their lives?

What kind of product can help them solve some pain points?

What type of product sells well in this place? What is special about the color or style?

Where do they often travel? Do they prefer outdoor activities or staying indoors?

The more questions there are, the more beneficial it is to understand the target customer. Once you understand the customer, it's easy to find the design they need.

When you understand these questions, you can come to CatKissFish to design your product!

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